Die Lifestyle Card Mallorca

Origins & goals

The xmm: agentur GmbH, which

  • provides a wide range of marketing and sales experiences, especially in the travel and sports sector
  • has successfully established several brands and sports concepts themselves as profit centers
  • is official Marketer of Munich Sports Festivals
  • Customer such as the Austrian and Swiss Golfers Association, the World of Leading Golf etc.



and the Golf Card GmbH, which

  • has successfully established its own brand Golf Fee Card International worldwide and can rightly call itself the No.1 one golf benefit cards worldwide

have teamed up with the licensee of the Lifestyle Card region and the Lifestyle Card brand association to jointly introduce the Lifestyle Card Mallorca for the region.

The team not only follows the trend of the digital benefit card, with which the passcreator label has already successfully made a name for itself, but also offers holidaymakers as well as local residents and companies a solution for the continuing rise in prices and visitor numbers.

In particular, the interaction between regional partners interested in quality, service and high-level tourism, together with the many years of experience in the field of benefit cards, the commitment of the licensee and the practical experience and creativity of the Agencies thus create a product that is second to none. Not just in Mallorca.

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